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Valentine’s Day! ~A First Date

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know that not everyone celebrates or cares about V Day. Honestly, I used to be one of those people as well. It’s just another day right?! Well, Valentine’s Day, for me, went from being just another becoming a special day for me. The Story: Picture this- I’m a senior in high school. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m dreading it. No plans. No Boyfriend. But I had been messaging this guy on MySpace...yes...MySpace. He was cute, funny, and interesting. Into music like me but actually writing his own songs and recording that was cool. He was also 3 years older than I was interested but not really pushing anything. We talked a great deal about this and that. As Valentine’s Day grew closer, we got on the subject of plans... he asked me if I had any and I replied no. I also threw in the whole, “I don’t care about Valentine’s Day’s just another day jazz.” He agreed. Then he asked if I’d like to go out anyway

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